clear, anti-fog face shield

The bt-shield is a reusable, sanitizable, protective face guard equipped with BT’s Silver Ion infused blue silicone touch points. The bt-shield is made of high quality anti-fog / anti-scratch, distortion free, clear APET plastic providing perfect clarity for the professional. The strategically extended nose bridge touch points allows for prescription glasses to be worn together with the bt-shield.

Recommended for use only by the general public. Not for use in a medical, surgical, or clinical setting.

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Features & specs

– Frame: ABS
– Shield: APET Anti-fog, Anti Scratch, Invisible Clear Plastic
– Touch points: BT’s Silver Ion Infused Blue Silicone
– Weight: 1.15oz / 33g (frame: .63oz / 18g, shield: .52oz / 15g)