Aquafuse Foampeel


Rich foaming product formulated with AHA and BHA for exfoliation

Benefits: All skin types.

This rich, foaming product is formulated with AHA and BHA for exfoliation. AQUAFUSE foamPeel can be used with the bt-micro in EXFOL mode as a medium for exfoliation.

  • AHA/BHA peel contains betaine salicylate and glycolic acid with a higher pH, which is easy to tolerate for even the most sensitive clients.
  • It acts as a gentle keratolytic and dissolves excessive sebum and debris in congested areas, while providing hydrators to maintain a healthy balance and proper barrier functioning.
  • AQUAFUSE foamPeel is efficacious, easy to use, and will be quickly absorbed in a matter of minutes. It is paraben and sulfate free.
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7 oz | 207 ml

How to use

Use CLEANSE, AQUAFUSE foamPeel, leave on 2 minutes, remove and follow with TONE, and then use the bt-ceuticals® regimen appropriate to skin type and condition. Not for use more than 3 times per week.