Conductive gloves

What’s included

• 1 pair of Conductive Gloves
• 3 pairs of long (12”) non-powdered nitrile gloves
• Protective bag

Sold separately:
• DIN wire set for Conductive Gloves
• bt-nano®

Introducing Conductive Gloves

Dermalogica is excited to announce their latest collaboration with Bio-Therapeutic and the incorporation of Conductive Gloves™ into their Bio-Ultimate® Platinum and bt-nano® protocols and service options.

Conductive Gloves provide cutting edge microcurrent services and bring touch back into the world of technology based facials. When used in conjunction with bt-nano® or Bio-Ultimate® Platinum microcurrent systems, Conductive Gloves allow Skin Therapists the ability to perform movements and skin techniques in a bold, hands on fashion.

Bio-Therapeutic is an official supplier of Advanced Skin Care Technology for The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica.

Conductive Gloves FAQ

What are the gloves made of, and how do they transport the microcurrent?
Carbon black and polyurethane. Carbon is the conductive medium.
Are wrist bands still available?
Wrist bands are available and may be ordered separately with part number CA-WRIST.
Is microcurrent only in the fingertips, or does the entire glove offer microcurrent?
The entire glove is conductive. It is recommended to use fingertips during the service for accuracy and movement control. The outside of the hand may be used as well for larger surfaces. Any surface of the glove that is in contact with the client should be purposeful and protocol oriented.
What is the correct distance between hands while using Conductive Gloves?
Gloves should be applied the same as probes, 2-4 cm apart at all times and always on the same side of the face.
Do Conductive Gloves offer better results than probes with Bio-Tips?
Use of the two different accessories is a matter of personal preference. Conductive Gloves have the advantage of a hands on approach and being able to “feel” facial structure, as well as covering a much larger area. Many therapists believe that this in itself make gloves much more effective, and certainly faster. Probes with Bio-Tips are more precise and defined, many prefer the detailed advantage approach they offer.
Are Conductive Gloves available in size XSmall?
No. We suggest the therapists to wear wrist straps to help control movement if they feel the fit is too large.