Features & Specs

Weight: 32.5 LBS
Length: 21”
Width: 15.5”
Height: 24” (including LED arm), 12.5“ (without arm)
LCD Touch Screen: 6.4” x 5”

What’s inside


Tubing, 2 clear tubes
Diamond Tip-80
Diamond Tip-100
Diamond Tip-250
Diamond Tip-300
Diamond Tip-400
Handpiece Sheath (2)
Handpiece Cover
O-ring Kit (for tips, handpiece, waste jar)
Power Cord
bt-sonic Pro with Cord
bt-sonic Pro Cleansing Heads (2)
LED Protective Black Goggles
LED Operator Glasses Grey Lens
LED Eye Pads: 20 pair
Bio-Penta Operation Manual

The Bio-Penta® is the latest technology developed by Bio-Therapeutic that will launch in international markets* in late 2018. Bio-Therapeutic has taken five of its incredible technologies and combined into one forward thinking unit, the Bio-Penta.

microsonic cleansing – Blue Azul silver ion infused patent pending silicone cleansing brush. Silver ion technology allows the cleaning brush to be antimicrobial and antibacterial at all times.

wet/dry microdermabrasion – Ultimate exfoliation, skin smoothing, and tightening.

LED light – Featuring RED light (640nm), BLUE light (470nm), and combination light for age management and blemishes.

ultrasound and microcurrent – The synergy of proprietary programming combinations  offer efficient product application.

bespoke protocols – Offer a variety of innovative protocols designed specifically for use with Bio-Penta.

touchscreen with intuitive interface – If you’ve ever used an app, you already know how to use the Bio-Penta.

Each of the Bio-Penta technologies can be used on their own for remarkable results, or together creating the Bio-Therapeutic Ultimate Layered Facial for extraordinary results! The sleek, modern design, touch screen controls, and compact size and agility make this technology a must have for every forward thinking skin therapist.