Hydra Cleanse
Collagen and elastin ampoules



The first step in taking good care of your skin is cleansing with a product that does not strip the skin of necessary moisture or leave behind a residue. A light, foaming gel can be the best solution for most skin types. Many people believe, or have been told, that they need only to cleanse once a day. This is not the best advice for healthy, beautiful skin. We need to cleanse twice daily to ensure the nightly routine of expelling oil, perspiration, and toxins does not inhibit products penetrating the skin. Additionally, cleansing helps decongest the hair follicles to help prevent congestion.


Exfoliating is an important step in the management of great looking skin. We can however, over exfoliate so it is necessary to ask your esthetician or skin therapist to recommend the correct exfoliant for your skin type. Some products are gentle enough to use daily while others are more aggressive and should be used weekly or every other week. The skin responds to a gentle exfoliation on a regular basis creating a smooth surface that provides a direct route for performance ingredients to improve the skin.


Hydrating and moisturizing are vital to maintaining the delicate barrier functions of the skin. If the skin is left without the appropriate amount of moisture, it can become vulnerable to invaders such as bacteria and microorganisms that can create havoc within our skin. Dry, dehydrated skin needs routine moisture along with an emollient to help seal in natural oil and reduce water loss. Oily skin also needs hydration. Often those with oily skin feel that they do not need to moisturize. However, that sought after squeaky clean feeling may actually make them feel oily as they are experiencing a rebound effect. This happens because the skin senses it is being stripped, and thus surges with oil. A light water based hydrator or serum is the perfect answer for an oilier skin type to quiet active oil glands.


Environmental protection products containing antioxidants are a must for every day. Experts recommend consistent daily applications with an adequate SPF 30 (sun protection factor) regardless of whether the sun is out or not. The UVA ray is the longest wavelength and can travel into the dermis of the skin. This is the most damaging to collagen and elastin and is found to create most skin cancers. The UVA ray reaches through the clouds, and is present on rainy days. UVB is most often associated with sunny, bright days, and the term “burning rays”. They both are harmful to the skin and we need to do everything we can to protect vulnerable cells from damage. Thorough protection every day is vital to good skin health.