This unique exfoliant provides dramatic skin smoothing without over stripping the skin.  By combining a wide spectrum trio of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids in a truly novel foaming format, AquaFuse Tech Peel is ideal for precise applications where maximum skin smoothing is desired.  Lycopene rich tomato lipids, turmeric and lavender help to promote a brighter complexion while calming the skin and scavenging free radicals, leaving the skin looking silky, smooth and illuminated.  Antioxidant gardenia extract helps replenish moisture while also naturally lending the formula its signature blue color.  Regular use of AquaFuse Tech Peel can help to refine skin texture, balance skin tone and clear the complexion, making it the ideal exfoliant for the home and professional regimens.

Most skin types, except users of medically prescribed topical products.